Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet the Fräuleins

Urban Cow Studio presents a playful exhibition of Paintings, Jewellery, Leather Accessories and Illustrations.

Titled fräuleins playthings, this collaborative showcase of varied art practices features the work of eight young and talented emerging Adelaide artists, collectively exploring the beauty and innocence that comes from the inner child and all the creativity she sparks.

"Her most treasured plaything is her childs eye, to see all the colour and beauty from earth to sky. From her small hands she beckons you in, and whispers for you to shed your adult skin"

The artists, Naomi Murrell, Katrina Weber, Georgia Gabrielle, Peta Alannah Chigwidden, Elisa Mazzone, Joelie Croser, Ruby Chew, Sarah Russell, have aspired to unveil an exciting eclectic exhibition consisting of works of beauty that encapsulate their individual passions and obsessions.

This blog will be a place to meet the ladies behind the work and gain insight into the process of creating for a group show. Hope you like it!